About us

AR Packaging Estonia (former A&R Carton) is a leading packaging company with close to 2 000 employees and 14 production sites in nine European countries. We offer carton-packaging concepts to a wide range of consumer market segments. By looking at the whole value chain and the importance of packaging to both function and communication, we provide solutions that create brand value and make room for business improvement. Our main focus is on maximizing the business value of packaging for our customer.

Your partner in powerful packaging

For decades, we have partnered with our customers to find powerful ways of presenting and protecting their products – and increasing their brand value and sales. With literally thousands of ideas and solutions we can strengthen your brand and attract new customers. Because we understand the importance of your product’s impact on the shelves, we prioritize your packaging solution’s ability to be reproduced in everything from neutral to lacquers and embossing and more. Whatever your needs, AR Packaging Estonia solutions provide power to your product.


At AR Packaging Estonia, we have a great product portfolio that meet every aspect of a perfect packaging. We offer everything from general cartons to cups, trays, multipacks and truly innovative packaging solutions.

Market segments

At AR Packaging Estonia, we have long experience in developing packaging and packaging solutions for companies within many different market areas. We understand the demands of the different target groups and their customers. Our broad knowledge and in-depth experience makes us the perfect partner.

Innovation adding value to your product

At AR Packaging Estonia innovation is the word for helping you strengthen your product, your brand and your business. It could mean cutting the cost of a package you are already producing. It can signify proposing cost-effective solutions that do not require an investment. Innovation can also mean a completely new solution that provides you with a package with an entirely different value on the market. And are we able to prove it? Yes, we are.


AS AR Packaging Estonia
Harku tee 47, 76901, Tabasalu
Tel. +372 6 032 001

Manager: Raul Rumm


8. October 2015